JDM vinyl wrap illustration was a complement of Miyoung Moon:   


    The creation of this showroom environment inspired by Holger Shubert's Working space garage. 

 Images rendered with Redshift GPU renderer. 

    This was design study to create performance oriented hyper car. It's a significantly modified version of the Pagani  Barchetta.

This car is absolutely track focused machine for those who wanted to feel the extreme performance under the streamlined surface.

Interior of this vehicle only focused on its accessibility and functionality. The position of the steering wheel, shift gear, bucket seat and racing pedals are optimized based on ergonomics in racing. The enlarged RPM gauge gives ultimate focus under racing situation.   

The chassis of this car is combination of carbon fiber tub and aluminium enhanced front and rear sub frames. Double wishbone front and multi link rear for this car's suspension system. There's large empty space at rear start from end of the two air bridges in both sides midsection of the vehicle. This was where 12 cylinder engine bay taken placed in the original vehicle. This modified version pushed the engine to close to the center and stretched the wheelbase to obtain optimal 50:50 front / rear weight ratio.  The huge empty space now provide maximized air flow and enhanced down force. Distinctively redesigned rear multi link suspension system composed with compressed upper arm, reinforced lower arms, and stabilizers. 

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Below is Jason Woosung Kang's recent motion graphic reel link, which my Artemis model featured in.

I believe, he brilliantly recreate it! It was indeed worthy to collaborate with him.

Many thanks to his effort! I’m definitely looking forward to do other collaboration work with him in future!

Motiongraphic by Woosung Jason Kang         www.jasonkang.tv

Music & Sound by City Sand    www.soundcloud.com/city-sand

Below is my reel, which is a modeling and texturing reel of Artemis model.

-The reel shown here are modified from its original resolution.

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